International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) is a non-profit, Independent, human rights public policy research, advocacy and education institute. It was established in Kenya in 2001 but got official recognition as a trust in 2005 under the Trustee (Perpetual Succession) Act Chapter 164.

VISION: A free society with dignity, equality and justice for all.

MISSION: To create, promote and engage policy platforms that build democratic human rights societies and human development. 

Our three over-arching Strategic Goals are:

  1. Larger Human Rights and Freedoms
  2. Democratic Development
  3. Human Security

The Organization's Strategic Programme Directions are:

  • Partnership in Sustainable Development
  • Governance, Peace and Security
  • Gender and Sexuality Rights
  • Knowledge Management through Technology
  • A secure, accountable, visible and resourced institute

The Center comprises of the five (5) members of the board, Management Committee and a full-time programmatic and administrative paid staffs. In addition, it utilizes a network of Associates and Consulting Experts and works in concert with other local, regional, and international organizations. It also offers internship and fellowships. The Board members are responsible for the strategic policy direction of the Center. The management committee guarantees a sound internal management structure and policies that contribute to the optimal functioning of the organization. The Executive Director is the head of the secretariat, responsible for its management and implementation of policy directions, coordination of programmes and ensuring accountability in utilization of its resources.