African Open Democracy Foundation

Statement of Purpose

African Open Democracy Foundation is an independent non-governmental, non-profit Human Right research and public policy institute. Its Goal is to mobilize the human right a public policy capacities to advance knowledge and produce policy recommendation that entrench open democracy and human culture globally. The foundation runs policy advisory and capacity building facilities, Great Lakes Human Right Policy Initiative, as well as a Research, documentation and advocacy center, International Center for Policy and Conflict

The Foundation fosters an informed debate on public discourse inclusive of a wide range of representatives from various sectors of society and government. Policy options produced by the Foundation are addressed and channeled to policy makers, International actors, civil society, media and communities with a view to generate knowledge  and deepen democracy. The foundation also aims to promote a dialogue between policy institutes in the developing countries, and developed world with a view to forge a shared policy dialogue, sharing information and learning, and building capacities for mutual benefits of all partners.

Finally, the African Open Democracy Foundation aims to raise awareness about successful transitions to democracy in other parts of the globally and of the mechanisms and compromises which made such successful transitions possible.

The Foundation human policy and capacity building recommendations will be formulated by experts and scholars across the world. Partner institutions from both developing and developed countries will serve to facilitate the collaboration through organizational backing and will help convey the message of the foundation to the relevant constituencies in their own countries.

The Foundation will engage in a range of activities, all conducted collaboratively between its partners. Its Agenda include producing policy briefs, thematic and country studies, conducting comparative public opinion surveys, organizing workshops and conferences and sponsoring occasional task assignments, all with the aim of formulating policy recommendations that can advance open democracy.


Africa Open Democracy Foundation receives fund primarily from Foundations, development partners (including bilateral) as well as international charitable foundations and endowment funds, research institutions and individual donors